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Dessert Wine

We currently offer TWO delicious dessert wines on our website: Elysium Black Muscat & Royal Tokaji.

Elysium Black Muscat: nning red dessert wine from the Californian Quady estate. Enticing rose and lychee aroma followed by luscious, sweet honey flavours. Beautifully balanced wine special suited with any cheeses or chocolate.

Royal Tokaji: The Aszu or dessert wines of the Tokaji region in northeast Hungary have been considered the world’s finest since the 17th century. The natural conditions of the volcanic soil, hot summers, foggy autumns, indigenous grape varieties and yeasts, deep cellars and above all the genius of their Magyar creators have withstood 400 years of change .

Royal Tokaji 5 puttonyos indicates the sweetness. The rich colour of this wine is balanced with uplifting acidity due to the unique wine production process.

Dessert Wine
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