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Environmental Policy

It's no secret that businesses contribute greatly in damaging the environment, this may be through needless waste, putting profits first, or just lack of understanding.

Olivin Online works hard to ensure that our impact on the environment is as small as possible.

Up to 90% of our packaging used to deliver your favorite wine to your home is reused from our suppliers and neighboring businesses. This means Olivin doesn't have to buy new packaging and we also save money, being able to pass the discounts onto you.


We use recycled ink in our printers and recycle our cartridges once they're empty. We'd rather not buy cartridges that are manufactured new and designed to be thrown away after a single use. Not only are used cartridges better for sustainability, they also cost less, which means once again we can pass our savings to you.

All our computers, monitors & computer peripherals are Energy Star rated to ensure minimal electrical consumption.