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France is one of the largest and oldest wine producers in the world. Every year it outputs 3.3 billion bottles of wine. One third of all wine produced in France is exported and is worth more than 10 billion euro’s a year.

Production has been dated back to the 6th century BC and is steeped in tradition and prestige. France has some of the strictest appellation rules and smallest regions. For example Le Montrachet is a French Chardonnay appellation in Burgundy that is widely considered to make the world’s top dry white wine. It’s a single vineyard, measuring less than 20 acres in total area. The Champagne and Chablis regions are just a couple of France’s most famous appellations and are envied the world over.

We’ve got something for everyone in our French range of wines, from value wine to fine wine. We’ve selected every bottle carefully. Enjoy!

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