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Wine and Cheese

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1. Bold red wines pair best with aged cheeses. Try our Cotes Du Rhône Mazets St Victor paired with a delicious blue cheese or a parmigiano-Reggiano.

2. Sparkling wines go PERFECTLY with soft, creamy cheeses. Try the Halfpenny Green Wine Estate Brut sparkling with a delicious soft Brie or goats cheese.

3. When it doubt, always opt for a firm, nutty cheese! Whether you are serving a bottle of Brookford Shiraz Cabernet or Senora Rosa Sauvignon Blanc, these cheeses will have enough fat to counterbalance tannin in red wine but enough delicacy to compliment delicate wines.

4. Wines & Cheeses from the same place pair well together for example, a bottle of Passaia Rosso Toscana paired with a delicious Pecorino Romano.

Wine and Cheese
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